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Arkivers hemmelige kraft

Marta Lomza skiver om arkivers kraft etter et år i praksis i London byarkiv, London Metropolitan Archives: I believe there is nothing quite like it in the heritage world in terms of its emotional and intellectual potential. I believe that using archives should be part of education in the same way that interpreting museum collections or art is. Inviting more people to contribute to archives increases the diversity of voices we hear. Knowing how to use archives is an empowering skill, and giving that skill to others can change both individuals and communities. With such potential to teach people new skills and knowledge, archives can strengthen the society we live in. And that is their secret power. Se http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/things-to-do/visiting-the-city/archives-and-city-history/london-metropolitan-archives/the-collections/Pages/the-secret-power-of-archives.aspx


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